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Hamilton’s Bull Shoals fishing report, May 28

Posted by Phil Lilley on May 29th, 2014
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Ham smallie bull shoals

I fished with Cajunangler yesterday out of Leadhill. We fished from 0745 until 2015. We had heavy clouds and light wind. A little rain off and on. Clouds got thin at times and thicker at times, but we always had some clouds.

Water was very clear in the main lake and pretty clear in the creeks. Water temps were always around 75.5′
We saw a handful of boats throughout the day, but no one ever crowded us or was really very close at all. I love the separation that BSL affords you.

Fishing is very good right now. Lots of quality fish and lots of smaller fish growing up behind them. The spawn this year although it was delayed should be excellent again. I hope people don’t take this for granted.

We had good fish on topwaters, tubes, and the Ned. We had hits on swimbaits, but caught zero on it. I tried the spybait from time to time. I caught a panfish on it and lost a nice chunky bass on it. I also had a smallie on it briefly. I did not land a bass with it. It gets bit EVERYTIME I fish it, but I AM NOT catching fish on it.

There are some fish everywhere, but I expect patterns and locations are changing daily. To be successful, pay attention to the fish you catch. Repeat what’s working and fish areas similar to the areas where you are catching your fish. Sounds easy right.

We ended up with just under 120 fish caught. Over 110 of them were bass. We had a couple of walleye. A couple of panfish. Cajunangler caught a Logperch ! We had multiple > 17 inch smallies on Topwater and a lot of quality smallies on the Ned. I was shocked that the majority of our fish were smallies.

Another great day in the boat with Cajunangler. He’s a good stick.

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