Weekend fishing reports from the forum

Posted by Phil Lilley on April 9th, 2012
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Stockton Lake

Justin Scobee
Sunday. It was are first time there. We was there from noon to 630. My wife had one short bass and I had 2 short bass. I had a few get off. But no crappie. Bites was very few in between. We was throwing white, purple, blue swimming minnow. I only had luck with crank baits. My wife got hers on the white swimming minnow. I have made a few trips to stockton the last month and have only got one short crappie.

Just Love Crappie
Thursday, put in at 815 went up reesors creek (not sure if spelling is right) fish a brush pile in 12 feet caught 20 with 8 keepers. Kept moving down creek fishing the trees stay in 10-14 feet of water had 30 buy noon. Weather was a bit nasty but bite was good very strong. Friday went back with wife n son found 2 boats camped on the brush pile:( hit the trees with little luck. Managed 8 keepers. When we left same 2 boats still camped on the brush. Caught as many males as females. Nothing caught any shallower than 8 feet. Only one male had any signs of fanning the bed. Eggs were a mix some firm some ready to drop with blood in um. I still think the bulk havent spawned yet but it will be very soon.
Phil Lilley
Friday – Put in at 3 Hills about 4:30. Fished a couple of promising places before finding a bank that had fish on it. Actually I think there’s fish all over Stockton – I’m really impressed with that fishery!We fished the same side of the lake as the ramp, up the arm about a mile. The bank was ledge rock that dropped off into 20 feet of water with pole timber. We found the crappie somewhat scattered on the bottom 20-30 feet from the bank. Not really around timber but it seemed it was everywhere (wood) so… who knows. We lost ALOT of baits- which were swimming minnows purple, motor oil or black. Water temp was 65. Five us us I think kept 55 keepers with one 17 inch walleye. The crappie went from just 10 inches to 12 with more in the 11 inch range than the last trip which we had more in the 12-13 inch range. Bite was very light, most time when it was dropping. We had quite a few small ones- 5-6 inches.
Duane Doty – Saturday.  Went back today to the same places and only pulled up one 18 inch walleye and two crappie. It was a tough bite today during the rain and wind. Headed out just before the second storm hit.
Below Truman Dam
Just got home from the dam at Warsaw after 2 nights of fishing. Thursday my daughter Mekayla had the best night of fishing in her life she caught 10 white bass and her limit of crappie. I had 15 white’s and 13 crappie. All of these were caught between 8 to 11 after dark. Friday we didn’t do as well she had 10 crappie 1 white and a flat head, I caught a limit of crappie and 10 whites. Same times as the night before all on purple, and blue bettles.
Got down the the dam about 4:30 Saturday. Had live shad. East Side (Gate Side) was packed, so I went to West Side (Turbine SIde) and tried the point. Nothing, looked like they were running two units, went down to the road bed, (below the spillway and between there and the rail walkway, nothing). Did not fish long. Went to the Gate side, a lot of people, found a spot about 40 yards from the fence. A lot guys throwing hog sticks (by the way, it went from overcast and rainy to sun coming out when I got there). First cast, caught a small hybrid, and I thought, hey , this will be good. THen it shut off for about an hour. Nobody catching anything. All the guys there said there were wearing the hybrids and whites out on top while it was raining and overcast, until just before I got there (always the case). Then about 5:30, caught about an 8 lb hybrid, then about four more, not as big, and some whites. Guys with me caught maybe another 10. We were doing better on the live shad.Went down at 5:30 this morning, really slow,by two caught about 15 decent whites and probably 15 Bass. All on live shad. No hybrids caught that I saw, nothing on top.They are catching limits of crappie around the point (Gate or east side), every time I go down there.


Pomme De Terre


The crappie fishing has been as good as I’ve ever seen it – it appears the spawn is starting to get into the grove. Right now you can catch fish anywhere from the bank to forty feet of water. Even though a front came through Thursday and cooled the water temp down about five degrees they are still aggressive and ready to hit a jig put in front of them. There are a number of males on the banks and up in the button bushes, the lake is approximately three feet high, however the deeper fish have been larger and more consistent. If you are having trouble with the shallow bite just back off to the first brush pile in 10-20 feet of water. They have been suspended over the top of the brush, just run over the pile with your locator to see what depth the fish are, back off, cast, count down and swim it back. Yesterday we caught some in 25 fow, swimming it back 6 feet deep as well as 20 fow swimming it back 16 feet deep.

I’ve noticed over the last week the females went from bulging, looking like they were about to explode, to just somewhat full of eggs. The eggs are extremely soft and bloody. I pulled one out yesterday and noticed something odd was up, she was spewing eggs all over the place.

Been catching the fish on jigs – swimmer shad with a tripple ripple tail has been the best, although any body style of jig is working well (don’t think it matters much right now). Color – glow chart, blue shad blue, motor oil, black/chart, blue/shad, shad. They will hit any color thrown at them, however some colors are producing a lot more bites than others. You can, and I have, caught fish vertical jigging, however they are eating the jig much better if it is on the move.

Good luck and go get some to release in Lake Crisco!

The bass fishing has been fantastic – plastics and jigs up in the bushes. Spinnerbaits, cranks and jerkbaits thrown right along the edge of the bushes.



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