Bill Butts

Posted by Phil Lilley on December 28th, 2011
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Bill Butts began his 40 journey in the sport and arts of fly fishing on small lakes and trout streams of the Missouri and Arkansas Ozarks.  He has fly fished across the US and Canada for many species including trout; largemouth and smallmouth bass; crappie and perch species; salmon and steelhead; muskies, northern pike and Walleye; Blue Sharks; and his favorites, the Temperate Basses– Striped, Hybrid Striped and White Bass.

Many years ago, he was fortunate to have become friends with many of the fly fishing industry leaders who willingly mentored him in the skills of fly casting, fly tying, and photography.  Dave Whitlock and Lefty Kreh are credited with being the most influential.

Bill strives to share his passion and enthusiasm for fly fishing with newcomers to the sport, and anyone who requests his help.  He firmly believes the sharing attitude that permeates this great sport is the very foundation of what makes it so great.

Bill has contributed several web articles on fly fishing for Temperate Basses on websites including Ozark Anglers, FlyMasters of Indianapolis and the Ozark Fly Fisher Journal in Arkansas.

Powerpoint-based programs on the popular Temperate Basses, from a simple “Springtime Fly Fishing for White Bass” program to a comprehensive program covering all three of the primary Temperate Bass species, have been developed which he enthusiastically presents to interested fly shops, fly fishing clubs, and at fly fishing events.

He was twice a featured guest on the Ask About Fly Fishing—Internet Radio in shows on the topics of Freshwater Striped Bass, and White Bass. He was also featured in an podcast entitled “White Bass & Striper MasterClass”, which was subsequently featured on

A book and instructional DVD on the subject of “Fly Fishing for Temperate Basses” are in their infancy stages.

Bill resides in Springfield MO with his wife of 34 years, has a grown son and daughter, and two bossy Terriers that are spoiled rotten.

He welcomes comments and inquiries to his personal email at

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