Bennett Springs

FlyFishinFool’s Bennett Springs fishing report, May 5-7

Posted by Phil Lilley on May 8th, 2014
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Went down to BSSP on Mon-Wed 5/5-5/7. Temperatures were very warm (mid-80’s to low 90’s) and the wind on Tue afternoon & Wed was strong – 15-20mph gusting to 25mph. Fishing in Zone1 was decent, I caught over 90 fish in 18 hours of fishing (3hrs starting at the whistle & 3hrs in the evening).

Most fish were average to OK, 12″-13+” 3/4lb, and fought well. Caught several pretty decent ones running 15″ pushing 1.25-1.5lbs, and two that were well over 16″ that I estimated at 2lbs (did not weigh, just C&R and keep on fishing). I used mostly dark beadhead midges (tungsten & brass beads) sizes 14-18. A couple of guys were having good luck drifting light-colored mini-jigs and several were doing good stripping green cracklebacks. I watched one guy take a bunch of fish throwing a Royal Coachman as a dry fly. Of course as always, there were a couple of folks taking fish throwing glo-balls. Drifting midges & other nymphs, and stripping green cracklebacks appeared to be the most productive methods.

With the Free Kids Day the prior weekend, the increase in crowds was not evident in Zone1. I heard from a couple of folks that Zone2 & Zone3 were a bit more crowded than a normal weekday since that was where they stocked the extra fish and a few lunkers for the kids. Over all a pleasant couple of days of fishing, warm weather, a bit of wind, some cooperative fish and the opportunity for a little solitude.

On the bad side, the muskrats continue to breed like crazy, I saw a lot of little ones, and looking at the trail side of the river is like looking a long brown strip of Swiss cheese – hopefully DOC will come to the realization that too much wildlife is not necessarily a good thing. They need to thin out the rats before the entire trail simply collapses and drops into the river. Finally, there must have been a really big hatch of water snakes this spring as I saw more snakes on the stream than I have ever seen in the last 40+ years. There were multiple snakes swimming in the stream all day long, and frequently you could count 8-10 at the same time swimming upstream and downstream on the non-fishing side of the stream. Several people commented on the large number of snakes, and one young lady I spoke to decided to skip fishing since in her opinion “fly fishing was definitely overrated when there were that many snakes nearby”!

Hope y’all get a chance to head down and enjoy the great spring weather and the fishing.

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