Beaver Tailwater


Posted by Phil Lilley on September 18th, 2011
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Beaver Dam has two generating units. Normal flows can range daily from 20 CFS at low water to over 8,800 CFS with both units in full operation. The current flow status of Beaver Tailwater can be obtained by callingĀ 417-336-5083.

Beaver Lake Top Flood Pool: 1130.0
White River Top Power Pool: 1120.4
(BVGA4) Bottom Power Pool: 1077.0

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The Red Line on the top chart indicates Beaver Lake’s water level, real time.
The Green Line on the bottom chart indicates the tailwater’s level, real time.

SPA Generation Schedule

River Levels
White River near Fayetteville, AR
White River near Goshen, AR
Richland Creek at Goshen, AR
War Eagle Creek near Hindsville, AR
West Fork White River east of Fayetteville, AR

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