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Posted by Phil Lilley on October 9th, 2011
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General Fishing limits:  A fishing license and a trout permit are required to retain trout from any state waters or to fish in the Beaver Tailwater to the Missouri/Arkansas state line.  Licenses or permits are not required for children under 16. There is a daily limit of five trout.  Only one brown trout, 24 inches or longer may be retained.

Beaver Tailwater:  White River from 100 yards below Beaver Dam to boundary signs at Houseman Access.  A trout permit is required. Anglers may use no more than one fishing rod or pole and must attend it at all times. No other devices may be used to catch fish other than as specified for the paddlefish-snagging season.

Beaver Tailwater Slot Limit:  From Beaver Dam to boundary signs at Houseman Access.  Trout from 13 to 16 inches in length must be released immediately and may not be in possession in this area. Only one fish exceeding 16 inches long may be kept. Bait fishing allowed only with a single, barbless hooking point (barbed-shaft baitholder hooks allowed).

Beaver Tailwater Special Regulation Area: Artificial lures only area/no bait zone. Approximately 0.5 miles below Beaver Dam to approximately 100 yards upstream of Parker Bend Access as indicated by signs. Only artificial lures with a single, barbless hooking point shall be used. Natural or scented baits are not allowed. Chumming is not allowed.

Warm Water Species:

  • Smallmouth and largemouth bass must be at least 15 inches long to keep.
  • Spotted bass must be at least 12 inches long to keep.
  • Smallmouth bass daily limit is six.
  • Crappie, black and white, combined daily limit is 15.
  • Crappie shorter than 10 inches must be released immediately.
  • Walleye caught in Table Rock Lake and its tributaries must be at least 18 inches long to keep with a daily limit of four.
  • Legal to take game fish (except largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass) with spear guns during season.
  • The White River Border Lakes license entitles the holder to fish in the Missouri portion of Table Rock Lake without buying a Missouri nonresident license.

Paddlefish Snagging Season:  From Beaver Lake Dam, (from the Corps of Engineers “No Fishing Beyond This Point” sign downstream) to the first Corps boat ramp on the left descending bank: From April 15 to June 15, snagging game fish is legal. Snagging must be discontinued once two trout have been taken. Snagged fish may not be released.

Fishing License-

Resident – $10.50 annual (from the time of purchase)
Border Permit – $10
Resident 3-day – $6.50
Non-resident – $40 annual (from the time of purchase)
Non-resident 3-day – $11.00
Non-resident 7-day – $17.00
Non-resident – $22.00

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