Beaver Tailwater

Beaver Tailwater has something for about any angler. For the first several miles, trout abound in its cold water, flowing from the bottom of Beaver Lake. The Arkansas Fish & Game Commission has devoted sections of this water to flies and lures only, placing a slot limit on trout so that the tailwater has a chance to grow larger trout. Both browns and rainbows, stocked in the lake by the state, can be caught. There are several accesses for both boat and walk-in wading below the dam. Besides trout, warm-water species are found in both the cooler waters of the tailwater and further down where the water warms. The state record striper came from these waters.

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Parker Bottoms, January 7 Report

Posted by txspecks04 on January 9th, 2012

Fished Parker Bottoms on Saturday. Started about 12-12:30 as the water was falling out after the morning generation and fished until about 4:15. Fished upstream at the top end of the rock beaches/islands just before the sign to switch to artificial lures only with no luck; my buddy had one hookup, but lost the fish.

Started to head upstream from there through all of the brush, but my buddy’s rod tip was pulled off in the thicket and we didn’t realize it until about 15 minutes after the fact; I thought it was long gone, but we searched for about an hour and just as we were giving up found it lying on the ground, unbroken though one of us had obviously stepped on it (mud had been smashed on it for about 3″-4″ length). What a relief! He has only one fly rod and is just starting to get the hang of fly fishing, so losing this wouldn’t have been good at all. read more…

December 27-28 Trip Report

Posted by joshuapaul on January 5th, 2012

My brother in law and I were back in NW Arkansas for the holidays and made a trip over to the tailwater for a couple days. We showed up about 8:30 on the 27th to heavy generation, but lucky they shut her down about 9 and we were in business. I connected with a couple 12-13″ rainbows below the dam. Tried again the morning of the 28th and found none so we went to Parker and had a ball. We each had some 10-13″ rainbows then I ended the day on a high note and connected with this hook jaw on a long, deep drift. I’ve been using my backup rod, a 6wt TFO and I’m glad I had it. I would have had a real fight getting this guy to the top on anything lighter. read more…

Fishing Report by Blogger NW Arkansas Fly Fishing Journal

Posted by Greg Mitchell on October 30th, 2011

Dad and I decided to do a little exploring today. We did a little hike into the Parker Bottoms. We fished between the Parker Bend walk in, and the first new access. The fishing was excellent even in the high winds that blew all day long. Spent all day throwing streamers. Caught all Rainbows and no Browns. The gentleman in the picture below caught a Brown around 20″ long. Nice looking fish from a distance. ┬áRead More on this fishing blog by visiting his blog site.