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Striper Lures

Posted by Scott Bice on November 26th, 2011
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I said it before that you do not need a million lures to catch them but there are some fun ones to use and with a practical use.

1ST Is the Wahoo Bomb! I first learned of this lure back in the late 80’s or early 90’s on Long Range trips to Clipperton and Clarion Island for Yellowfin and Wahoo. When I first saw the lure I had to chuckle at it and think to myself this guy has got to be kidding. He pulled out a 6oz Egg Sinker, Took a piece of Mylar out of his tackle box and then cut small slices up it pulled off the sticky tape and wrapped it around the Egg Sinker. He then ran a length of 100lb mono trough the egg crimped on a 9/0 J-Hook and then crimped on a 3/0 ball barring swivel to the front. He cast it out and instantly was on a 60lb Wahoo.

I was standing there in amazement, here I spent hundreds of dollars on wahoo lures and this guy had a $1.00 egg sinker a 30cent hook and 20 cent swivel and 2 minutes of his time and was catching wahoo! I was looking at them a few weeks ago and they sure have come a long way from their humble start and the price sure has gone up for the fancy factory bombs that outlast the old egg sinker but the sinker still works and works on stripers.

Yes I said it works on stripers, I still on rare occasion use them. Same principle only I use a 2 to 4oz egg sinker . The advantage of this lure is simple DISTANCE! I can cast one of these bombs well over 100 yards and some days distance is needed

This is where a surf rod with 30lb test is very much needed or a good 8 foot heavy action baitcaster.

2nd Is another favorite of mine because you look at it and say NO WAY! A simple Cedar Plug, Those who have fished Bill Fish and Tuna know how deadly this cigar is and for some reason landlocked stripers will eat it as well. Don’t expect a ton of bites but it’s one they for some reason do bite.

The trick to it is troll it behind the boat at 2 to 3mph, it skips in and out of the water and is a schoolie catching machine. I run them 100 yards behind the boat or I will run them out on a planer board 100 yards out near shore lines.

3rd Another Saltwater Lure Iron Jigs Size 2 and 4 in Blue and white, it’s a Jig and a Swim Bait. They are fish catching machines and have been used on the West Coast for years for Saltwater fishing. I was getting annoyed with fish in a spillway out of casting distance of most lures and had one in my box and figured why not. Tied it on and a limit of stripers later decided I better always keep these in the box.

Just throw it out and reel it in or in deep water vertical jig them.

Now these are not common baits by any stretch but fun baits none the less. Especially when guys are watching you throw these big heavy baits out and think no way you will catch a fish. Then the look on the face when they see you hooked up to a big striper and you know they are just busting to ask what the hell is it!

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