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Memorial week recap

Posted by Phil Lilley on June 6th, 2017
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We really enjoyed our week on Beaver Lake. Thanks for all the tips and pointers and PMs. I have enjoyed reading the forum. Thanks to Chi, Dan, Stump Bumper and Brett for some tips, ideas and recommendations. Y’all are blessed to have this beautiful lake and resource!

Spent Saturday evening after I got there just doing some scouting and trying to understand this long lake. lol
There are a million points and coves. Launched at Starkey’s to get between mid-lake and the dam. Ended up running up the lake to point 5 area and scouting around. Didn’t really do much fishing. Sunday, did some more running around and looking. The lake was – really – chopped up from all the boat traffic. Beat the heck outta my little boat. Monday evening, we found a little point and my nephew heard some shad up in the bushes. So we hung around there. He got some black bass up in the flooded bushes. All we were throwing was a sassy shad for striper. lol

We saw some striper blowing up, but it was mainly small pods of fish chasing some isolated bait. By the time we would chase after them, they were gone.

Since there was bait, we hung around that point. Very late evening and very early morning they would be some isolated blowups. We would only catch a few each time. But it was sure fun. I ended up trailering all around the area looking for bait, and found some shad. We caught a few on bait, but mostly throwing sassy shad. Later, I started launching at that old corps ramp at Big Clifty. It is flooded and a lot of loose gravel, and very dark coming back in at night… but we managed. :huh:

One evening, I was pulling in a green fish and thought it was a black bass, but it turned out to be a keeper walleye. Then I got another one in the same spot. A little bit later I was bottom bouncing the sassy shad down the point since I marked them on the graph, and got a nice one. We baked them the next day. My family there had never had walleye and it was a big hit. Delicious!


It was very random, but one morning I caught a few good smallmouth off that point also.

We met a local Guide, Robert Johnson at the boat ramp and ended up talking with him most of the week and ended up going out with him on our last day Saturday. He worked hard and put my sister on a good Striper. She said it was the highlight of her year. lol


I brought some waders for my sister and nephew and myself and some ultra light tackle. We were planning to go below the dam, but it is so flooded there was no way. The good folks at the Dam Store said the river was 15-20’ high. But on the bright side, I was able to put in my bass boat down at the dam site and catch some trout throwing Buoyant spoons and Rooster Tails. Sure was comfy!   lol



She wanted to keep a few of the stockers for dinner. ;)



Great time in the beautiful Ozarks!

 Great time on beautiful Beaver Lake!

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