Beaver Lake

Just can’t quit them

Posted by Phil Lilley on March 3rd, 2017
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With the spring upon us, and the whites and walleye moving into the rivers, bass stagging for the spawn, I thought I’d stop chasing  the stripers and go for the other  species.  Yesterday I had so much fun doing some casting for bass that I figured I’d try it again today.  But guess who showed up, yup u got it, Mrs. striped bass!!! I told myself I wouldn’t chase them n e more and I haven’t the last 4-5 trips,  but today the found me lol.

I spent the rest of the day casting and catching stripers and hybrids. And I keep telling myself I’m going to stop fishing for them, but they have a way of “reeling ” me back in lol…… I ended up with 6-7 striper/hybrids today.  I wish I had a better bass report sense that what I was going for, but once the striper bite got going I just kept doing that.  Still a lot of fun.  I really enjoy cast at fish over trolling for them.  So even though I didn’t get the targeted species it was still enjoyable day.  Water temp was 52 and wind seemed to be blowing for the south.  Good luck out there  fellas and stay safe.



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