Beaver Lake

Hooper’s Beaver Lake fishing report, August 27

Posted by Phil Lilley on August 28th, 2014
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Started fishing Beaver Lake little before 6. Wish now that I had gotten out just a tad sooner. Ended around 8:30, had it been a weekend would have stayed out longer.

I guess my transducers were hot because early on I looked at the water temp and it said 89 degrees. lol. That’s stinkin hot! But later on it had come down to 86 or so. Had some good cloud cover so that helped with the heat anyways, water was relatively calm until the after work boaters hit the water. I am blaming my first lost lure on them….

I caught two more than those pictured, a SM and LM(or maybe spot, he was tiny). All were caught on #7 flicker shad, at ~30′ deep. I want to say a big thanks to the guys on here in helping me. Its a given with me, but I appreciate it when people put up with my questioning. :) I trolled them on down riggers. I think I was going a tad too fast as most bites came when I was turning and one when I slowed down. Next time I’ll use the trolling plate.

The walleye were hanging right at the bottom. In fact, it is one reason I lost both new lures I just bought. :( Fins wrote an article on them earlier in the year, and I even talked with him regarding running depth. I found that with my lures 50′ back I was running in the neighborhood of 8′-10′. When I would not pay attention to my graph and run up on 28′ FOW I could see the rods ticking and got hung up 3 times. Yes, I am a slow learner. Pay attention to your sonar genius. One time both lures got hung, but was able to get both back. The riggers were set at 22′ and were verified by seeing them on sonar at that depth. I caught all 5 fish when I hit water 30′-32′. I could see some fish deeper but bet they just were not wanting to come up the 4′ or so to bite the lure. Had it been dark, it might have changed things.

I used rubber bands to help me see the fish. I was concerned that I would drag around a small fish without knowing and it worked great. Just a loop of the line and a half hitch then attach the rubber band to the clip. My clips only have so much adjustment so one setting was too light, the next is fine for fish 2lbs+, but not under. The fish were all taken around the points near Indian Creek. The flicker shad were firetiger and the pro version in flashy perch. I like that bait, very good looking. I can tell you where it is under water…. After loosing it the only other one I had close was the silver black back one. Standard shad color. It picked up the second walleye.

I’ll be back out again. I’ll pay attention next time and hopefully come back with the lures I left with. I feel confident that had I spent a little more time out there I could have limited out. But, I called it the other day when I said I’d be happy with two, so I cannot complain. Good eats for me and my family now! One thing I find just as enjoyable is when I get back to the dock and families camping come up to ask about my success. I am amazed when people have a surprised look on their face when I say I caught walleye. Got to show a curious mom and her kids who had never seen one before. Good stuff.

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