Beaver Lake

Bice’s Beaver Lake fishing report, May 17

Posted by Phil Lilley on May 18th, 2014
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Beaver Crappie

Simple report, You want Crappie go to Rocky Branch. There might be a walleye or two around as well.

Water temp 64.3 at launch 68.7 at pull-out

NE Wind around 16 to 20 mph


Bait Flicker shad for a few hours in the morning accounting for 2 legal walleye 6 to 12 fow

Rest of the day it was all about Bobby Garland baby shad and catching crappie.

Did have a very unruly striper decide to blast the spider rig but 4lb test against freight train doesn’t work.

Only 3 crappie on the rig all the rest were caught by making long cat and letting it hit the bottom then very very slowly reeling it in maintaining contact with the bottom.

Oh almost forgot the annoying white bass are there also in 20fow

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