Beaver Lake

Get Tha Net’s Beaver Lake fishing report, April 4 and 6

Posted by Phil Lilley on April 7th, 2014
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Friday was the best of the two days we fished.  We fished between Avoca and Monte Ne targeting 45 degree banks with chunk rock.  Our best fish all came on smalls cuts on these banks and secondary points. All fish came on a wiggle wart.  

Saturday with the cold temps over night none of the bigger females moved up. A few fish did show up for us on Saturday.  We ended up catching probably 15 fish had a total weight of 9.54lbs. We started out in Avoca and water temps had dropped from 52 over night to 44 degrees.  So we fired up and fished Blackburn.  All of our keepers came from there except one.  Friday was one of the best days I’ve had on Beaver in a long time.  Our best 5 from Friday would have went 18lbs.  Also on Saturday while fishing the Ned Rig I caught a crappie on it.  That was an surprising catch on the little rig.  All below pics are from Friday. Since we were fishing a tourney on Sat taking pictures really wasn’t on our priority list.  Did talk to the guy that won the tourney he caught all his fish dragging a jig around the Prairie Creek area.  He ended up with 15lbs on Saturday.




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