Beaver Lake

Bice’s Beaver Lake fishing report, March 22

Posted by Phil Lilley on March 23rd, 2014
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I honestly felt like I back Bass tournament fishing I haven’t moved so much in years. Started at Beaver shores and lost one very big walleye (Est) 8lb class at the boat, you have to hate when you say to yourself when you see a fish he aint hooked good and at the same time he proves it.

Then ran to Blackburn and picked a bunch of decent 2 to 3 pound bass off a dock and by off a dock I should note I was tossing a crappie jig way under it thinking at first they were crappie. Blackburn didn’t yield anything else even though I think all the striper guides were there.

Went from there to the islands at 12 bridge for nothing and then ran to HSB to check, Whites were in good numbers and I played with them for a while Doc informed me of a rumor of walleye someplace else and I swore I was not making the run.

Never swear to yourself because you end up making the run. I did and it was way up the White River Arm, I did catch a few but they were short also caught a ton of whites but if you don’t have good sonar don’t bother if it wasn’t for that there is no way I would have caught them in that mud and debris infested water.

I had enough of the wind and cold and came home not to unhappy but sure wishing for warmer days and clearer water. Maybe in a few weeks things will be better but if I see a ground hog I’m swerving to hit it or putting a 40cal in its head.

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