Beaver Lake

Bice’s fishing report, March 14, 2012

Posted by Scott Bice on March 15th, 2012
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Air Temp: 80
Water Temp: 59.7
Wind: from the south at 15mph
Water clarity: 5 to 8 ft
Bait: Threadfin Shad

I managed to make a trip finally work out for myself and my wife. We got out to avoca at 5:18pm and went straight for the back to make bait. One throw with the net and we had plenty of bait to last us a few hours.

Headed back out to the center of Avoca and dropped the lines. Not 2 minutes later my buddy George a 23inch striper with a clipped tail fin bit and Jammi brought him in to say hello. I have caught him 6 times now in the exact same spot and with the clipped fin its undoubtedly him.

30 minutes went by and the next hook up, Jammi again on the rod and connected to an 15lb class striper. Her personal best to date.

45 minutes later I was connected to what I thought was George again and then all heck broke loose and my reel started screaming off line, 20 minutes later we were looking at a 18+lb class striper.

Not bad for a few hours with the wife enjoying the outdoors.

Meet George.

Something bigger!

Me hooked up to a washing machine, I guess this is one way to do laundry.

Washing machine motor.


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