Beaver Lake

Bice’s fishing report, March 13, 2012

Posted by Scott Bice on March 14th, 2012
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Water temp: 57.4
Air temp: 82 can you believe 82 in March
Sky condition: Blue as it gets
Bait: Live Shad and 5” curly tail grubs in white

Arrived on location at 2pm and quickly made bait, the first cast net throw pulled up over 400 4 inch shad. I started out by Ballooning from anchor to the point that has been so productive the last few days, but after about an hour of nothing I started thinking with a blue bird sky the fish may have moved deeper.

Pulled up the anchor and headed up the arm toward the marina but was stopped quickly by surface activity and marks on the fish finder. Striper marks from 15 to 20 feet down in 25 feet of water.

Dropped the first bait and instant hook up, managed to get 4 more in not time and then the bits shut off. I had to run up and get more bait anyway so this was not a bad thing.

The afternoon remained slow untill 5pm and then it was on untill 8pm.

Ended up the day with 11 stripers 4 largemouth and 1 smallmouth. I really am starting to think this small mouth likes me its the same one ive caUght 6 times now she has a notch in her tail and a scar on her right side.

A triple hook up 1 on the grub 2 on shad, This convinced me to put the 3rd rod away it was interesting with three on at one time.

Sorry about the lousy quality my phone sucks and I forgot the good camera.

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