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Bice’s fishing report, March 11, 2012

Posted by Scott Bice on March 12th, 2012
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I believe this was one of the 5lb class bass

It was nice sleeping in after being away from home for a few days, but I was missing my striper time as well. So at 9:00 I made it out to the Prairie Creek launch ramp and headed for the back of Avoca as rumor had it the shad were thick in there.

Rumors were not wrong the shad balls are 100yards long and 50 yards wide, prime size bait 3 to 4 inch threadfins. After making a cast with my net and filling up the bait tank I shot over to the Old Road in Prairie creek and started catching stripers for then next few hours.

The trick was to fly line them directly behind the boat about 50 feet any weight at all and you were not going to get bit. They were also tight to the bank no more then 30 ft off it in skinny 14 to 6 feet. Which also provoked me into throwing the fly rod on them. This was a mistake with two rods out the back of the boat with live bait. A chinese fire drill occurred several times until i put away the fly rod. I figured a triple hook up though fun was not so much fun with multiple fish going different directions.

The fish slacked off about 12:30 which was perfect as I had my brother coming out to meet me so I was able to take a short nap then run over to the docks to pick him up at 3:00pm.

After picking him up we shot back to Avoca for more bait and never left it. Stripers were very thick back in there but not biting wide open for some reason. We talked to one guy who had been catching them the last four nights straight in there. We did manage to get a few fish and a couple kicker big black bass and a nice walleye.

The totals for the day were 8 Walley, 7 shorts 1 at 24 inches, 9 black bass from 1lb to 7lb and 30 stripers from 10 to 25lbs. The weather was fantastic I could not have asked for nicer and the water was warming up nice.

And the stripers for the table.

If you want to catch fish now is deffinately the time to go.

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