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Striper report, Feb 18

Posted by Scott Bice on February 20th, 2012
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I started off the day at 9:30 am, I ran up the back of Prairie Creek as far as the boat would go, I found some nice largemouth bass hanging in the creek and thought I would introduce myself. Throwing a ¼ bucktail with a white boot tail swim bait I managed to land 4 decent 2 to 3 pound largemouth. 

I noticed a lot of bird activity on the bluff line to the East of the Marine and went to investigate, as a Saltwater fishermen I learned birds diving like they were meant something big was pushing the bait to the surface. I was not disappointed by the birds. I managed 15 stripers by 12:45. Not wanting to be greedy I made a call to WC and had him get out there. By the time he had arrived I was up to #23. The bait of choice was Pop (r’S) the wonderful Bucktail combo.

The bite slowed down until about 5pm when the water started swirling from stripers, whites and largemouth. I switched over to the A-rig and managed to take 5 more stripers, 1 nice 2lb white and 4 more Largemouths to about 4lbs.

I had a pleasant but unexpected guest who decided to inhale my a-rig not just one but 4 of the hooks. A 20 minute battle started and I called WC to come give me a hand as I was not sure if I would be able to net the beast myself. I finally got it in the net and WC lent me his scale to weigh it. My initial guess was 30lbs but his scale quickly made both our jaws drop as it pegged out at 42.4 lbs. The little 18lb I kept for fillets looked so small in compare.

It was a great time spent with a good friend having a blast with some truly large fish. But I want to thank the birds most of all if it wasn’t for them I would never have found the active fish.

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