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Stockton Lake: Stockton Lake Brush Piles 2017

Posted by Phil Lilley on March 19th, 2017

I e-mailed the MDC to find out if they were going to put in any new brush piles close to Stockton State Park and they replied and sent me the coordinates for 35 new brush piles in the Masters and Cedar ridge area. I thought some of you would like to have this info.

Stockton Lake brush piles 2017.xlsx

Stockton Lake: Mutton creek crappies

Posted by Phil Lilley on March 19th, 2017


Went up Friday morning on the water by 7:30 with my dad to hunt for the crappie, found a few scattered around the main channel in 25 fow ended up with 15 between us the bite really went south about noon, caught 3 walleye all on jigging spoon right on the bottom including this one at 6.5 on the marina scales. read more…

Lake of the Ozarks: Broke a record today!

Posted by Phil Lilley on March 19th, 2017


Beat my personal best weight while solo today, by a little over a pound.   All released right where they were caught.   Here’s the weights: read more…

Cool little Ozark fish…

Posted by Phil Lilley on March 11th, 2017


I’ve been working on scientific fish illustrations.  What I’ve been doing is taking photos of various fish, putting them in Photoshop, and enhancing them by sharpening the scale patterns and fin structures, removing any gleam or reflections on the fish, and going over the colors in each scale to make them as sharp as possible while still looking like the real fish.  Pretty much it’s like taking a photo and doing a digital painting on top of it. read more…

James River – Blunk to McCords bend Wednesday 03.08.17

Posted by Phil Lilley on March 9th, 2017


Launched the ATAK at Blunks late this morning. Floated to the bend and paddled back. Fishing was good, I don’t remember there being as many Spots in there as I saw today.  read more…

Table Rock: 3-6 and 3-7 Around Docks at Indian Point

Posted by Phil Lilley on March 8th, 2017


Yea, laugh it up… I’ve been fishing either from the dock or from my kayak around the docks and on the two points at the mouth of the cove Indian Point Marina sits in…  read more…

Smoked them on Bull Shoals 3-7-17

Posted by Phil Lilley on March 7th, 2017


Had one of the best days I’ve had on Bull Shoals today. 9 bass, for me, 4 for my buddy Dan. All LMB, and 5 really, really solid keepers. Wart, ARig, transitions and secondary points in major feeder creeks. Water temps 53-55, windy as all get out.  read more…

Swimming Deep for Big Fish is Nothing New

Posted by Phil Lilley on March 7th, 2017

Babler Table Rock Bass

I believe in the early 90’s Sonny Chafin was one of the  pioneers of this technique.  Someone please correct me if I’m wrong.  Sonny at that time fished with Jerry McCutchin out of Warsaw Mo, I believe in both the Heartland and the Redman series, along with Central Pro Am as it got started and this time of the year, that team was deadly on catching White River chain deep suspended bass by swimming a grub deep. read more…