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Lake Taneycomo: Night Fly Fishing

Posted by Phil Lilley on October 27th, 2016


Had a gentleman look me up this week.  I met him on OAF well over 10 years ago and used to night fish Taney with him every time he came down from STL. I started guiding in Alaska.  He started taking trips to Michigan and we just lost contact about 10 years ago. He used to be Midge Magic on the forum. We finally got to fish together again last night on upper Taney.  Fishing was pretty good down by the boat ramp with pretty hard hits. Dead drifting white mink sculpins (my go to night fly) produced the most fish.  We might have caught a dozen each.  Water was dropping out and the fish fought really good. I think the largest one caught was about 18 inches.  Al caught one 15 inch brown.  I ended the night up below the rebar hole. Lots of nice ones rolling in that area but I think we only landed 3 up there. Great night fishing, and catching up with an old friend! read more…

Upper Bull Shoals, October 24

Posted by Phil Lilley on October 27th, 2016


Put in at kdock around 9 yesterday morning for a lazy day on the lake. Trolled 3 rods using 2 ounce bottom bouncers and crawler harnesses going between 1.5-2 mph. Stayed in 17-25 feet of water. Picked up 2 keeper eyes and a short in the kdock area then moved down the lake a couple of miles to a flat with quite a few brush piles on it. Picked up one more keeper eye and 7 more shorts down there along with 1 keeper bass that was released and 3 more shorts. Also caught a hand full of big hills down there till running out of night crawlers. Started fishing the brush piles with swimming minnows and picked up 2 keeper crappie and a dozen shorts.  Ended the day throwing a mega bass 110 +1 over a brush pile that when trolling caught most of my short eyes and one keeper on. Caught one more short eye and lost a big one at the boat. Spent what was supposed to be a lazy day on the water reeling in a lot of fish.


Cool depiction of all the river basins in the US

Posted by Phil Lilley on October 27th, 2016


This website has several cool depictions of all the major river basins in the US.  It’s hard to believe how much water the Mississippi collects before it empties into the Gulf of Mexico.  I want to know what where the water in the areas in the western US (the magenta and purple colored areas north of the Colorado River system) goes if it doesn’t flow into a river system that exits into an ocean.  I guess those end up in glacial lakes?


Mississippi 10/27/2016

Posted by Phil Lilley on October 27th, 2016


I hit the Mississippi in one of my secret spots::::: hint, hint near a big creek that flows in:::::: I had a fish so large attack my bait Three times that was so large it scared me actually…..It honestly looked like a big Tarpon or something….I’m thinking Striper??? The swirl and actual strike on my  top water bait was ridiculous and violent….it was something to behold but, whatever it was struck Three times and missed all Three times. read more…

Table Rock: This past weekend (white river)

Posted by Phil Lilley on October 26th, 2016


Fished a few days this past weekend and caught quite a few. Caught pretty much everything off one location…4 trips in a row. Fished an outside bend main lake point about a mile or so above the mouth of the Kings with topwater early in the morning. The fish would move in and out of the shallow side feeding on small shad. Plenty surfacing out in the main channel as well. Honestly, they were just here and there…and everywhere around this timbered point. Tried to force the topwater bite but had most success swimming a grub through the surfacing fish. As the sun came up, caught plenty more on a small jigging spoon of the Cabelas variety. Had my 8 year old son with me and he caught his first “solo” fishies (he cast, he reeled, he set the hook…). He had a blast, and for the first time, asked to get up early and do it again the next day…and the next. Saw and caught fish on the graph from 15 – 50+ feet. My son said it was “cooler than playing Minecraft,” so a small victory there.

read more…

Table Rock: White River Fish Padgent

Posted by Phil Lilley on October 26th, 2016


If your fishing Table Rock during daylight hours, and you shut your motor off before you get to Baxter going up the White or point 11 going up the James it had better be cause it quit on you.  Fish are on a feed in these areas and above that we have not seen in a few years.  All of our Black Bass species are just hammering anything that even resembles a shad.  The biggest trick is matching the size of your spoon to the size of the shad.  Seemed like every stop we made today the shad were different in size.  One bait that was constant was the 2.8 inch Kietech.  Color did not matter. read more…

Piney River: East Gate to Rt. 66 canoe rental 10/21-10/23

Posted by Phil Lilley on October 24th, 2016


So 2 of my friends joined me this weekend for a float trip.  Neither had ever canoed a river in Missouri. read more…

My son’s first bass (from the boat)!

Posted by Phil Lilley on October 24th, 2016


Table Rock Lake:  Beautiful weekend. My main goal was to help my 3yr old son catch his 1st bass from “daddy’s boat”, and we did! Sat. morn he boated his 1st KY on the Plopper. Followed it up with another KY on the drop shot today.  Well worth all the tangles and snags we had to go through! We fished the Shell Knob area and we’re able to put together a few on the jig, Plopper, Keitech, and drop shot. Best bite was the drop shot on the gravel flats in 20-30 fow. read more…